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Black Flame Candle

This fragrance is the result of not only an annual viewing tradition for Mikey and I, but a deep rooted love Mikey has for the cult classic, Hocus Pocus. Anyone familiar with this modern classic knows the significance of the Black Flame Candle. A magical candle, crafted using Dark Magic from the fat of a hanged man. Which if lit by a virgin on All Hallow's Eve under the umbrella of the full moon would raise the spirits of the dead so long as the flame remain lit, which in the case of THIS Black Candle is one night, that not ironically, burns black. 

Our subject Max has been coerced into escorting his younger sister Dani to engage in the evening's trick-or-treat activities. They eventually end up in the home of his new school crush, Allison, whose parents are holding their annual Halloween party. To explain his new home town, Salem, Massachusetts' obsession with Halloween, Allison takes Max and Dani to the town's museum which possesses artifacts of the historic legend of the Sanderson Sisters; Winifred, Sarah and Mary.

Three witches who Thackery Binx discovered in the middle of a night in 1693 after following his sister being lured into the woods, to a cottage where he sadly arrives too late. Finding his sister had already consumed a potion brewed by the sisters enabling them to suck the life force from the child providing them with prolonged life and youth. When Thackery insults the sisters calling them hags, instead of killing him, and to their own amusement, curses him to eternal life as a black cat who wallows in the unwarranted, self-inflicted guilt of not intervening before his sister's demise. 

The Binx's parents engage a witch-hunting mob to the witches cottage to detain them and have them hanged. But not before Winifred has time to cast a spell on that night, that happened to be All Hallow's Eve, which laid out the conditions of their resurrection to exact their revenge and claim the lives of the children of Salem to grant them immortal life, youth and beauty.  

So, before lighting this candle to explore this spell-binding fragrance, be sure the conditions don't lead you to enact the curse...or just enjoy the wax melts, where no actual flame is involved.

Keep exploring!


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