About Us

Introducing... Apothecary 55

Here is some information to get you started. We are Jason & Mikey. Our love for ALL things Disney runs deep and true. Disney history, music, movies, art, books, business, Broadway, the works.

Jason spent a summer learning the ropes at Disneyland and Mikey was a participant of the Disney College Program at Walt Disney World in 2012. We have both been active Disneyland Annual Passholders since 2008. And Charter Year members of D23 (2009). We have visited all of the continental US Parks and sailed on the Disney Cruise Line, admitting us into the Castaway Club. We can quote Disney movies with the best of them. Disney Trivia? Bring it! And our Tsum Tsum collection is truly one to be coveted. In short, we truly have Mickey Ears littered about the strands of our DNA.

With that, we have encountered time and time again the engagement of our senses in our travels and experiences. But we can't deny the transportive quality of scents and fragrances. And so, we present to you what we hope to be an ongoing and growing line of scented wax products to share our adventures with you and hopefully, conjure some happy memories for you or make new ones.  Each scent we present to you will be available in 2.8 oz. wax melts and 10 oz. poured candle. 

We are solidifying things for the shop opening in September and hope that in the meantime,  you enjoy this teaser and will take a moment to "Like" and "Follow" us on social media and share our boutique with your Disney Friends so you can be among the first to experience, Apothecary 55.

Thank you,

Jason  & Mikey