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Take a few moments to meander through our Current Manifest of provisions to view some of the current varied concoctions we've alchemized for you that we hope will  conjur some fond memories from adventures past or discover something new to ignite your spirit of adventure.

Whatever you choose, we're certain the scents and sensations will offer you a respite as you take a moment (...or two) to take a deep breath, close your eyes and surrender your faculties as these inspired creations add a touch of enchantment to your office or abode. 

**A brief post script. Please note that orders placed may take up to two weeks to be delivered as we process provision requests as "preorders". And due to the personal attention and small batch production process we practice we want to be sure no Explorer is left without their desired provisions. So quantities noted are current and final unless additional resources may be procured for additional pourings. Thank you for your attention.