Fifty Frightful Years Cargo Pack wax melt
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Fifty Frightful Years Cargo Pack wax melt

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Fifty Frightful Years Cargo Pack wax melts

1 x Ghost Host wax melt - 

Creepy Teakwood paired with earthy Patchouli and Leather culmunate to transport you to where the air is deathly still  — that is the time when ghosts are present, practicing their terror with ghoulish delight!

1x Haunted Gingerbread wax melt - 

The frightfully fun combination of Ginger, Cloves, and Frosting will surely awaken the holiday imagery of Currier and Ives. But be quick to pick this one up before it disappears, for it only will be available this time of the year. 

1 x Hurry Back wax melt - 

The haunting smells of the Attic Brides deathly bouquet will delight you with fright. Notes of Amber, Geranium, and Musk will leave you wanting to hurry back again and again.

1 x Regions Beyond wax melt - 

Rap on a table — it’s time to respond. Send us a message from somewhere beyond…fruity notes of Dark Pomegranate along with Cedar and Bergamot pair well with your sympathetic vibrations.


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